If anyone asks me to tell them about myself I suddenly can’t think of a single interesting thing I do. I’m not sure if it is just an unfortunate coincidence or I actually never do anything exciting.


I work as a financial planner, but if you think I am probably fabulously rich….you’d be wrong. I wish you were right though!


I’m was also an English major with a business minor, but please, don’t expect me to know every book you’ve ever read and then be shocked when I haven’t read it with the common statement, “But I thought you were an English major!” I have as much of a hard time reading for fun with working full time and doing everything else as I need to as you do, trust me.


I’m grateful to work with some of my best friends, even though we have to make sure to tone it down at work.


Because if left to ourselves (aka Junior year of college), we’ll end up like this.


I’m the one wearing the zebra blanket, if you were wondering.

No matter how old this meme is, it’s still my favorite.


But the most important thing to know about me is that my goal in life is to become a saint, and no matter how far I stray from that sometimes, no matter how many times I mess things up for myself, I will always come back to Christ.



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