Like a true blogger who is familiar with all things related to the internet, including Pinterest, I figured I would tell you a little bit about me through some of my pins.

If anyone asks me to tell them about myself I suddenly can’t think of a single interesting thing I do. I’m not sure if it is just an unfortunate coincidence or I actually never do anything exciting.


I am currently a senior in college and sometimes I think to myself:2df761c9bfd7f521375b3eb029bf307c

I’m also an English major with a business minor, but please, don’t expect me to know every book you’ve ever read and then be shocked when I haven’t read it with the common statement, “But I thought you were an English major!” I have as much of a hard time reading for fun during my semester than you do, trust me. 45f93116d7b4f18d7b8a7c506c4e3f6e

But the great thing about being at college is that I’ve found some really wonderful people to connect with, but I also miss all of my great friends that I grew up with too.

fd9e7b4b2dfdba2e30865112141e1b1fMy friends and I like to engage in intelligent pursuits and discuss serious world problems. Sometimes. And sometimes we do this:


I’m the one wearing the zebra blanket, if you were wondering.

These great friends understand me and my sense of humor, like this dinosaur that no matter how many times I see this pin, I still think it is the funniest thing in the world.


They also like to prank me too. Like when I came back to my house at college and walked into my room and found this:


Yes, all those cups and bowls are filled with water.

Yeah, I go to college, but it doesn’t mean I’m a night person. I’m actually 100% a morning person. By 10pm on a Saturday night, this is what I typically look like:


And this is what I feel like:51f64e359136de62a3687c5e7cdd6729

But the most important thing to know about me is that my goal in life is to become a saint, and no matter how far I stray from that sometimes, no matter how many times I mess things up for myself, I will always come back to Christ and ask:



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