A Resolute New Year

I knew it was probably a bad sign that as of Jan. 3rd, I still hadn’t made the time to make New Year’s resolutions.


I love planning (a little too much) and I love making goals (a little too often) but when it comes to carrying plans and goals through, I tend to slack off. A lot.


I Ā realized that I tend to make too many resolutions. Suddenly, I have a list of 23 improvements that I want to make in the new year, and none of them are small tasks. I get tired of trying to conquer all of them, or even five of them, at one time. And then I do none of them. And go on Pinterest. And check Facebook. And go back on Pinterest. And aimlessly wander around my house, too bored of relaxing. Welcome to my typical life as a college student on break.

But, on January 3rd, I am changing that. Notice I didn’t say, “I will change that.” Clearly making goals isn’t my problem. I am making too many goals, and not following through with any of them. Instead of goals however, I am making a resolution.

The definition of resolute is:

“Firm or determined, unwavering”

“Firm in purpose or belief, steadfast”

I will not make specific resolutions, I will confine the burden and necessity of specificity to goals. My 2014 resolution is different, and there is only one.

In my free time [outside of work, school, friends, and other obligations], I resolve to create and cultivate more than I consume. I’ve been noticing that most of my down time is spent consuming other people’s creations: Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix, etc. Instead, I want to learn more skills, acquire more knowledge of non-school related topics, do more. I don’t want to be influenced by society, but rather I want to influence society. I desire to become a better, stronger me.

When I selfishly hoard the time (that doesn’t even belong to me) in my day to fill it completely up with aimless activities (aka watching all six seasons of Psych) I find that it is a lot harder to love and give myself to others. However, the other day, I spent ten minutes in my room at college because I decided I wanted to learn guitar. And as a result of that ten minute crash course of “The Book of Love” on guitar, I got to run out to perform for my ever so patient and adoring fans friends. I was able to bring other people into my life, because I had something to invite them into, something that I created, no matter how bad it really was. (But really, it wasn’t…)

*I won’t relegate reading to an activity of consumption, because while it technically is, there are so many benefits that it also an act of cultivation. Feel free to fight me on this. I’ll give you fair warning: I’m an English major. I’ll likely not change my opinion on that so easily.

I have other daily, weekly, and monthly goals in life, but this is my resolution. My firm, unwavering, steadfast conviction:

I will create more than I consume.





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