The Freedom in Tranquility

"Not all stars belong to the sky"

“Not all stars belong to the sky”

I feel like many times I will find myself dwindling away countless minutes on Facebook and Pinterest when I wake up, in between classes, after appointments, and before I go to bed at night. I’ve realized lately how I’ve taken that to be my “relaxing time” and I keep myself busy from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed with other things. However, I decided that I wouldn’t consider that to be “relaxing” because I really don’t actively choose to take those few minutes to relax – I’m really doing it mindlessly.

I think it’s important to intentionally take time to relax in my day, or knowing me, I won’t take it. I decided to start doing yoga in the afternoons after classes as a way to take a break in the middle of my day. It’s peaceful, I feel relaxed, and I take this time to not think about all the things I have to do that day. Well, I’m going to be honest, that worked out well for a day, and I haven’t had time to do it since. Hypocrite? Most definitely. But it’s teaching me something. It’s making me realize that I tend to fill up my days with things that are urgent, but not important. As an example of this: Sending an e-mail checking up on a job is urgent because it is something I need to do to get ready for summer, but not important. Calling an old friend to catch up because I want to maintain a strong relationship with her is important, but not urgent. Sometimes I’ll find myself sending e-mails and researching things on the computer while I distractedly talk on the phone with someone from home. I’ve noticed that these urgent tasks are taking my priority away from my important tasks. If I don’t even have time have a good conversation with someone I’m walking past, then I’m too focused on my “task list” for the day. If that happens, it means I’ve become a slave to my urgent tasks and I’ve relinquished my freedom. I’ve forgotten my primary vocation: to love. I forget it when I can’t wait 5 minutes until I’m off the phone to wash the dishes. I forget it when I can’t focus on a story someone is telling me because I’m checking my e-mail.

Taking the time to relax is important. It is as important as doing the tasks on my to-do list everyday. And taking time out of the day to focus fully on important tasks rather than urgent tasks is necessary if I want to maintain healthy relationships, with my family, friends, and Christ.

What I’ve decided is, because I am that crazy woman who is a morning person, to take a little of my time to relax in the mornings. Why? This sums it up pretty well:



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